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Posted by MisterLevon - November 11th, 2009

Posted by MisterLevon - November 7th, 2009

(8:48 PM) nowhere man: Let's role play sex.
(8:49 PM) gaty: OKAY I will be Falco Lombardi member of Star Fox
(8:49 PM) nowhere man: I will be Amy from Sonic.
(8:49 PM) gaty: Falco made his video game debut in Star Fox for the SNES, and has been in every Star Fox game since as well as Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl
(8:50 PM) gaty: His appearance is that of a blue falcon dressed in a light leather jacket and pants and boots and a belt and equipped w/ ray gun.
(8:50 PM) gaty: Describe Amy PLZ so I know who I am role playing w/.
(8:51 PM) nowhere man: Amy is a hot girl who loves sonic in the Sonic Series. She's a pink hedgehog with a hammer. She's cute :3 ^_^
(8:52 PM) gaty: Personality traits? I look for personaltiy
(8:52 PM) nowhere man: She's nice.
(8:52 PM) gaty: ...
(8:52 PM) nowhere man: She has a nice butt.
(8:52 PM) gaty: That's not personality
(8:53 PM) nowhere man: She's a cheerful person will fuck you hard!
(8:53 PM) gaty: OK cOOl let's begin.
(8:53 PM) gaty: That last part really got me excited lol
(8:53 PM) nowhere man: (( brb mom wants me ))
(8:53 PM) gaty: gah.
(8:53 PM) nowhere man: (( back honey lol :3 ))
(8:53 PM) nowhere man: You start.
(8:53 PM) gaty:
(((( brb war convention))) HI Amy do Want to fuck you but my mom is calling me Bye computer!
(8:54 PM) nowhere man: What? No! *she touches her clit*
(8:54 PM) gaty: Mmm.............
(8:54 PM) gaty: Falco Likey
(8:54 PM) nowhere man: *giggles*
(8:55 PM) gaty: Hi Amy it turns out my mom doesn't want me. We HavE The wWhole House to Ourselves
(8:55 PM) gaty: We can do any thin U want
(8:56 PM) nowhere man: Amy likey...
(8:56 PM) nowhere man: *takes off your pants*
(8:56 PM) gaty: Be careful taking my underwear off mY bird dick might come off w/ it
(8:56 PM) gaty: *Boner
(8:57 PM) gaty: gets
(8:57 PM) nowhere man: jl ;vb;
(8:57 PM) nowhere man: lmffo
(8:57 PM) gaty: ghhj~~`loi
(8:57 PM) nowhere man: lfmooooooooooooooooooooo
(8:57 PM) nowhere man: i cant stop laghsing
(8:57 PM) gaty: Why Amy? Is my bird dick not big enough 4 u.
(8:57 PM) nowhere man: It's very big. Stick it in my hairy animal clit!
(8:58 PM) gaty: HAIRY?
(8:58 PM) nowhere man: Yes! I do have fur....
(8:58 PM) nowhere man: You silly! *slaps your butt*
(8:58 PM) gaty: PLZ shave first
(8:58 PM) nowhere man: *shaves*
(8:58 PM) gaty: You can use my talons to shave
(8:59 PM) gaty: these big ol talons aint just for holdin onto trees ;)
(8:59 PM) gaty: big meaty claws ok
(8:59 PM) nowhere man: Hey big boy...can you do one thing for me...
(9:00 PM) nowhere man: Can you...shit on my chest....I would like that...*giggles and blushes while rubbing your dick*
(9:00 PM) gaty: Ugh.... UGHHH yes Harder AMy I can feel the blue dick Good
(9:00 PM) gaty: FASTER
---------------------Part 2-------------------
(9:00 PM) gaty: shoop da woop tOWAAAAAAAAAAA :D
(9:00 PM) nowhere man: l.amolmafo
(9:01 PM) gaty: Oh Amy I am sorry )-:
(9:01 PM) nowhere man: oh god dude this is to funny
(9:01 PM) gaty: I will clean your face
(9:01 PM) nowhere man: You came on me!
(9:01 PM) gaty: with my talons >: )
(9:01 PM) nowhere man: Don't clean me.
(9:01 PM) gaty: Huh?
(9:01 PM) nowhere man: I like it here.
(9:01 PM) gaty: lmfao
(9:01 PM) gaty: You dirty girl >: )
(9:01 PM) nowhere man: Hey...I love bird cum.
(9:01 PM) gaty: So how 'bout dat cleveland steamer?
(9:01 PM) gaty: lay tghe fuck down befORE I;;;
(9:02 PM) nowhere man: Your going to shit in my clit then fuck it?
(9:02 PM) gaty: Just because my Bird Dick is gone now I can still shit >: )
(9:02 PM) gaty: No Your chest
(9:02 PM) nowhere man: Oh god yes! Please! *fucks a snail*
(9:02 PM) gaty: lmao whatt
(9:02 PM) gaty: GAry
(9:02 PM) nowhere man: A cleveland steamer is shitting in my ass then sticking a dick in it.
(9:02 PM) nowhere man: :33
(9:02 PM) gaty: * Poos AllLL over your chest, being very mindful of even distribution of Shit.*
(9:03 PM) nowhere man: *licks the poo with her long tongue then she fingers her own asshole then she pee pee's due the poo on her on your dick*
(9:05 PM) nowhere man: How's that baby.
(9:06 PM) gaty: *Wakes up*
(9:06 PM) gaty: Wow bitch u BORE me
(9:07 PM) nowhere man: What the fuck? I give you my body for you to SHIT on and yo utreat me like this?
(9:07 PM) nowhere man: *pulls out a gun*
(9:07 PM) gaty: I dare you to shoot ME, Falco Lombardi
(9:07 PM) gaty: It'll be the last thing u do.
(9:08 PM) nowhere man: I'll shoot you...with cum. *she jacks off and her cum gets on you* Hehe >: )
(9:08 PM) gaty: SHOOT ME
(9:08 PM) nowhere man: I have a dick.
(9:08 PM) gaty: Oh no.
(9:47 PM) gaty: s

Thank you that is all !!!!

Roleplaying Sex

Posted by MisterLevon - November 7th, 2009

hustler shit isn't funny anymore
its overused
thanks U that is all

Posted by MisterLevon - November 6th, 2009

How Fucken Cute

Ha Ha Faggot's!

Posted by MisterLevon - October 30th, 2009



Posted by MisterLevon - October 30th, 2009


Posted by MisterLevon - October 28th, 2009

Yesterday, I heard news from my old friend, Paul that my new (but really nice) friend, Tristan. Paul told me that there was a hold up at the night club he went to. Tristan was the DJ (You can see his work on his Newgrounds profile) at the "Cool Cat" night club.

Paul told me that at the night club, there was some criminal folk who wanted to rob the place. They each had two glocks. Those two criminal bastards held up their glocks and shot the place up. One of them shot Tristan in the lungs. He was rushed at the hospital. Doctors worked very hard to get the bullet of out the young star's body. But he died the moment he got shot. He was pronounced dead at 2:39 am, October 28th.

R.I.P. Tristan J Rutherford. My hearts go out to his family.

r.i.p splatterberryclock

Posted by MisterLevon - October 27th, 2009


Posted by MisterLevon - October 25th, 2009

oka so i just bought halo 3 odst and it came w/ a FREE 48 hours (2 days) of XBL!!!!!! since i have no idea what 2 with this i wILL make this shit into a contest!!!!!!!!!!

how do U win U say?????/ well dis is what U do! SUBMIT A FLASH WITH A PICTURE OF A NORFOLK TERRIER ! the flash must pass and shit.........................if it passes i will review it and see if it suits my needs........

oh btw post the picture here on this newspost @

1. FAG
2. fuck a mexican midget
3. dogs rule


Posted by MisterLevon - October 24th, 2009